swip® was created in the very heart of the swiss alps, to meet the specific needs of athletes in difficult conditions.
in this environment, athletes produce intense efforts and demand high quality products.
swip® offers the best of the swiss spirit, quality and satisfaction for the service of all !

swip® is registered with the vegan society ! 

at swip®, we are committed to respecting our fundamental values and apply them daily. we guarantee a high level of personal data protection and attach a special importance to the protection of the environment.
our team values are also those that we want for swip®. we are committed to treating with our partners with respect, fairness and empathy.
  • we meet together to make important decisions and overcome difficulties.
  • we are curious and constantly question ourselves to broaden our outlook.
  • we partner with local companies to understand the cultures and needs of our different markets.
in order to foster a sustainable future for our planet and reduce our carbon footprint, we are committed to developing innovative working methods to perpetuate and optimize our production and supply systems.
we thank you for your trust. we are committed to offering you the best product possible and to work and communicate respectfully with all our clients and partners. our great partnership will allow swip® to grow and be well distributed throughout the world.